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About Us



           Since 1984, Savemart has served the Lancaster county area as the premier deep-

discount, health and beauty aid drug store. Our devotion to service and personal care has

earned Savemart numerous awards. Among other achievements, Savemart has been voted

"Best Drugstore or Pharmacy" from 2006 through 2015 by Lancaster Newspapers' Readers

Choice Awards and  runner up for "Best Vitamin and Supplement Store" in 2013.


             Savemart prides themselves in 1950 style service. Savemart stocks a wide selection

of products including health and beauty aids, vitamins and nutritional supplements,

cosmetics, and home healthcare products. Our Vitamin department carries one of the

largest inventories in the north-eastern United States and remains unmatched in service

and expertise. Savemarts vitamin staff is extremely knowledgable, they constantly have

trainings to learn about new and existing products, so that Savemart may always be ahead

of the Vitamin game and so that Savemart  can give the most honest and helpful answer

available. Savemart also bring in representatives form national companies to meet our

customers and this allows our customers to learn about products straight from the company




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