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Seasonal Products

            At Savemart right now we still have a great selection of HOLIDAY candy from Hershey's, Russel Stover, Brach's, Ashers Chocolate, Jelly Belly and more. Plenty oof Candy and treats to fill those Holiday stockings or just a sweet treat for a sweet tooth!

             Savemart has a great selection of Fragrances from Armani, Polo, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein and much more. Our selection of gift sets is amazing from Elizabeth Arden, Stetson, British Sterling, Britney Spears, Justin Beiber, One Direction and more at the lowest prices in town!

            Need stocking stuffers? Savemart has the best stocking stuffers and gifts to make anyone on your list believe in Santa again. Gift wrap, holiday bags, wine bags and baking essentials all available at Savemart, stop by and spread a little cheer.





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