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Natural Skin Care

Natural, organic, no parabens, and no sodium lauryl sulfate are now common, everyday terms. We have learned how our bodies can react poorly to the synthetics and chemicals used in the production of the many items we use daily that come in contact with our skin.

The natural product industry continues to grow and better itself. Our NATURAL BODY CARE DEPARTMENT also has expanded to supply you with an extensive selection of clean products. In our skin care aisle you will find many natural bath, moisturizing, and facial care items. Within other departments throughout the store you will discover large displays of natural dental, natural deodorant, natural cleaning and laundry, natural hair colorent, natural femine hygiene, and natural cosmetic products. We encourage you to shop these product areas and make them a part of your everyday healthy lifestyle.

Lemon Eucalyptus, Coconut and Aloe Summertime Body Spray

The essential oils in this summertime body spray provide delightfully aromatic protection with skin-soothing aloe and coconut. This solution is easy to mix up and use during all your summer activities -- lounging on the patio, picnicking, sporting events and evening walks.

3 ounces coconut water 
1 ounce aloe vera juice or extract 
8 drops lemon eucalyptus essential oil 
8 drops lavender essential oil 
8 drops patchouli essential oil or  Texas cedarwood essential oil
Measure ingredients into a spray mister bottle. Shake contents before each application. Store the body spray in the refrigerator or cooler for an especially cool and refreshing way to beat summer heat.




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